1/35 T-28 Super Heavy Tank, Smart Kit - Hobby Sense
1/35 T-28 Super Heavy Tank, Smart Kit - Hobby Sense

1/35 T-28 Super Heavy Tank, Smart Kit

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Dragon 6750 1/35 scale T-28 Super Heavy Tank, Smart Kit. Newly tooled T28 rendered w/details, Newly designed suspension system and realistically represented road wheels, T28 can be assembled in either combat or travel modes, On-vehicle tools reproduced, .50-cal machine gun w/pedestal mount on casemate roof, Cupola hatches can be assembled open/closed, Hatches on engine deck can be assembled open/closed, Round-shaped trunnions w/cast detail, Bolted connecting plate for mantlet, Aluminum gun barrel, Track-removal jibs reproduced w/crisp detail, Delicate cable guides molded on T28 side, Intricate storage box provided, One-piece lower hull offers easy assembly, Intricate upper hull assembled from separate pieces, Slide-molded one-piece hull body, Bogies w/plunger springs reproduced, Detailed sprockets w/fine details; Idler wheels have detailed parts, Horns and protective brackets realistically reproduced, DS tracks reproduced w/refined detail, This must surely be one of the most astonishing kits from Dragon this year! The excitement begins well before modelers open their box lids to reveal Dragon's first-ever T28 Super Heavy Tank! And when they do view the contents, their jaws are sure to drop! The T28 was designated a Super Heavy Tank, and this 95-ton monstrosity was designed to breach the defences of the Siegfried Line during the latter part of WWII. The T28 featured a 105mm T5E1 gun fitted in a fixed casemate instead of a traditional turret. The frontal armor was up to 305mm thick, sufficient to withstand the famous and super-effective German 8.8cm cannon. To cope with the immense weight, the vehicle ran on four sets of tracks instead of the usual two. However, its 500hp engine was underpowered to handle such bulk, meaning the T28 was slow (a 13km/h top speed) and cumbersome (military bridges of the day could not bear its weight). It was to operate with a four-man crew. Befitting such an impressive subject, Dragon's engineers have gone all out to create a stunning 1/35 scale kit of the American behemoth. Needless to say, most parts on this T28 Super Heavy Tank, except for the suspension, wheels and cupola, are newly tooled. New components include the lower and upper hulls that are created by slide molds so as to fit together precisely. The cast texture on the upper hull is realistically incorporated too. The size of the model is simply overwhelming - more than 300mm long! The double-track runs are made from brand new DS tracks, and the outer tracks can be detached just like the real ones should a modeler decide to opt for this configuration. The gun barrel is produced in aluminum. This was a monster of a tank, but Dragon has been careful to fill it out with sharp detail and easy-to-assemble components. The American T28 takes Dragon's title as the new super-heavy tank of its 1/35 kit range! This kit includes parts for the assembly of one plastic model kit. The set requires both glue and paint in order to be completed. Paints and glue are not included. For modelers aged 14 and older

  • Brand: Dragon
  • Category: Tanks
  • description_tag: Dragon 6750 1/35 scale T-28 Super Heavy Tank, Smart Kit
  • Military Conflict: World War II
  • Parts: 900
  • Related Country: USA
  • Scale: 1/35
  • SKU: DR 6750
  • Type: Military

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