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1/48 Viribus Unitis Ltd Edition - Hobby Sense
1/48 Viribus Unitis Ltd Edition - Hobby Sense

1/48 Viribus Unitis Ltd Edition

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Eduard 11124 1/48 scale Viribus Unitis Ltd Edition.

Over the second half of 1916, the German air force began to introduce into production new D.I, D.II and D.III fighters. These aircraft, at the very, least equaled their allied counterparts, and pilots flying them were able to command the skies over the Western Front into the spring of 1917. The situation of the air force of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (LFT) was considerably worse. They entered combat on the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I. Their performance could not match that of the Italian air force, and their poor flying qualities proved dangerous to less experienced pilots. Despite this, their presence was invaluable to the LFT, and its pilots were able to rack up a score of some 78 enemy aircraft. The head of the LFT realized the need for new machines, and acquired a production license from Albatros, and then placed an order for 20 D.IIs and 30 D.IIIs with Oesterreichische Flugzeugfabrik AG (Oeffag) in December 1916. The aircraft were to be delivered in the first quarter of 1917, and the LFT designated the aircraft type as 53. Subsequently, the order was changed to 16 D.IIs (53.01 to 53.16) and 34 D.IIIs, and to a further eleven D.IIIs in March. In all, 45 D.IIIs (53.20 to 53.64) were ordered. Austro-Hungarian aircraft differed from German production. First and foremost came an engine change, where the Mercedes D.III gave way to the excellent Austro-Daimler ratedat 180hp. Changes were also seen in the armament, that saw the internal installation of Austrian Schwarzlose machine guns, the cockpit interior and radiator were changed, and, above all, the D.III had strengthened wings. Thanks to this, through their service life, Austro-Hungarian aircraft suffered no lower wing collapses, as was the case with their German counterparts. Series 53 aircraft were delivered to the LFTthrough May to July 1917. They appeared on the front after trials at the beginning of June. The aircraft were enthusiastically greeted, and their performance was greater than anything else flying, friendly or not. Furthermore, they demonstrated good flight characteristics, and were easy to control. On October 6th, 1917, the first kill was achieved with Feldwebel Julius Kowalczyk of Flik 24 at the controls, downing an Italian Caproni. The delivery of 64 Series 53 aircraft was not the end of production, and on the basis of a February 1917 order, production continued with a further 61 Series 153 aircraft. This kit includes parts for the assembly of one plastic model kit. The set requires both glue and paint in order to be completed. Paints and glue are not included. For modelers aged 14 and older

  • Box Dimensions cm: 38x23x7 cm
  • Brand: Eduard
  • Category: Propellers
  • Manufacturer: Albatros
  • Militrary Conflict: World War I
  • Related Country: Germany
  • Scale: 1/48
  • SKU: EU 11124
  • Type: Military

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