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Winnipeg’s BIGGEST selection of puzzles, ALL sizes, ALL themes, from 24 - 18,000 pieces, in regular and larger “Easier to Handle” pieces!

At Hobby Sense, you’ll find well-known brands such as Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, Educa, Heye, Jumbo, Piatnic, D-Toy, and Eurographics.
We also carry Puzzle Glue, Backing Mats and Protective Varnish, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
If you are looking for puzzles in Winnipeg, come and visit Winnipeg's Puzzle Store!

The Red Barn - Hobby Sense
The Red Barn
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
World of Cameras - Hobby Sense
World of Cameras
Regular price $21.99
Out of Storage - Hobby Sense
Out of Storage
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Moscow, Russia - Hobby Sense
Moscow, Russia
Regular price $21.99
VW Endless Summer - Hobby Sense
VW Endless Summer
Regular price $21.99
The Ravishment of Psyche - Hobby Sense
The Ravishment of Psyche
Regular price $21.99
New York City Yellow Cab - Hobby Sense
New York City Yellow Cab
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird - Hobby Sense
Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird
Regular price $21.99
Winter Sunrise - Hobby Sense
Winter Sunrise
Regular price $21.99
Railroad Adventures - Hobby Sense
Railroad Adventures
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Beetle Love - Hobby Sense
Beetle Love
Regular price $21.99
Meeting on the Turret Stairs - Hobby Sense
Meeting on the Turret Stairs
Regular price $21.99
Cocktails - Hobby Sense
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Asian Oil-Paper Umbrellas - Hobby Sense
Asian Oil-Paper Umbrellas
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Kitten Pride - Hobby Sense
Kitten Pride
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
The Bluff - Hobby Sense
The Bluff
Regular price $21.99 Sold out