Winnipeg’s BIGGEST selection of puzzles, ALL sizes, ALL themes, from 24 - 18,000 pieces, in regular and larger “Easier to Handle” pieces!

At Hobby Sense, you’ll find well-known brands such as Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, Educa, Heye, Jumbo, Piatnic, D-Toy, and Eurographics.
We also carry Puzzle Glue, Backing Mats and Protective Varnish, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
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Jan van Haasteren Pool Pile Up 1000 piece - Hobby Sense
Jan van Haasteren Pool Pile Up 1000 piece
Regular price $29.99 Sold out
Football Puzzle - Hobby Sense
Football Puzzle
Regular price $24.99
Be The Sunrise - Hobby Sense
Be The Sunrise
Regular price $27.99
Wildlife Puzzle - Hobby Sense
Wildlife Puzzle
Regular price $29.99
Seaside Promenade - Hobby Sense
Seaside Promenade
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Flower Show: The Water Garden - Hobby Sense
Flower Show: The Water Garden
Regular price $21.99
The Christmas Conservatory - Hobby Sense
The Christmas Conservatory
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Autumn on the Farm - Hobby Sense
Autumn on the Farm
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
The Viaduct - Hobby Sense
The Viaduct
Regular price $21.99
Christmas in York - Hobby Sense
Christmas in York
Regular price $21.99
Newquay Harbour - Hobby Sense
Newquay Harbour
Regular price $21.99
Gathering on the Couch - Hobby Sense
Gathering on the Couch
Regular price $21.99
The Bandstand - Hobby Sense
The Bandstand
Regular price $21.99
Floral Cats - Hobby Sense
Floral Cats
Regular price $21.99 Sold out
Village Life 2×1000 - Hobby Sense
Village Life 2×1000
Regular price $31.99
A Day on the River - Hobby Sense
A Day on the River
Regular price $21.99