Winnipeg’s BIGGEST selection of puzzles, ALL sizes, ALL themes, from 24 - 18,000 pieces, in regular and larger “Easier to Handle” pieces!

At Hobby Sense, you’ll find well-known brands such as Ravensburger, Cobble Hill, Educa, Heye, Jumbo, Piatnic, D-Toy, and Eurographics.
We also carry Puzzle Glue, Backing Mats and Protective Varnish, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
If you are looking for puzzles in Winnipeg, come and visit Winnipeg's Puzzle Store!

Whitewater Kayaking - Hobby Sense
Whitewater Kayaking
Regular price $29.99
Mysterious Atlantis - Hobby Sense
Mysterious Atlantis
Regular price $29.99
At the Birdbath - Hobby Sense
At the Birdbath
Regular price $29.99 Sold out
Hello Doggie - Hobby Sense
Hello Doggie
Regular price $29.99
Winged Things - Hobby Sense
Winged Things
Regular price $29.99
Mickey Challenge - Hobby Sense
Mickey Challenge
Regular price $29.99
Rock Climbing - Hobby Sense
Rock Climbing
Regular price $29.99
Land of the Peacock - Hobby Sense
Land of the Peacock
Regular price $49.99
Tigers in Paradise - Hobby Sense
Tigers in Paradise
Regular price $59.99
Dragon Whisperer - Hobby Sense
Dragon Whisperer
Regular price $24.99
Puppy Pals - Hobby Sense
Puppy Pals
Regular price $24.99
Ice Fishing, Canadian Collection - Hobby Sense
Ice Fishing, Canadian Collection
Regular price $29.99 Sold out
On the Water, Canadian Collection - Hobby Sense
On the Water, Canadian Collection
Regular price $29.99
Meet You at Jack's - Hobby Sense
Meet You at Jack's
Regular price $35.99
Acts of Kindness - Hobby Sense
Acts of Kindness
Regular price $35.99
Cabana Retreat - Hobby Sense
Cabana Retreat
Regular price $29.99 Sold out