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T-90 Modern Russian MBT - Hobby Sense

T-90 Modern Russian MBT

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The Russian T-90 main battle tank is the latest evolution of the durable T-72 tank. The T-90 retains the low silhouette of the earlier Soviet tanks. The T-90 retains the 125mm 2A46-series main gun of the T-72 and T-80, and is capable of firing the Svir laser-guided ATGM. The second generation ERA package, combined with the advanced armor technology, makes the T-90 one of the best protected main battle tanks in the world. This high level of protection is supplanted with the SHTORA TShU-1-7 IR-Jamming system, which is designed to disrupt the guidance of incoming ATGMs. This system consists of two infrared lights, one on each side of the main gun, which continuously emit coded pulsed infrared jamming when an incoming ATGM has been detected. This kit includes parts for the assembly of one plastic model kit. The set requires both glue and paint in order to be completed. Paints and glue are not included. For modelers aged 14 and older

  • Brand: Ace Models
  • Category: Tanks
  • Manufacturer: T-90
  • Militrary Conflict: Modern Military Conflicts
  • Related Country: Russia
  • Scale: 1/72
  • SKU: Ace 72163
  • Type: Military

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